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Robotic Surgery

While traditional gastrointestinal surgery requires large incisions, newer, minimally invasive surgical techniques allow surgeons to perform equivalent operations through small incisions with the aid of slender cameras and surgical instruments. Robotic surgery is an advanced, minimally invasive surgery where the surgeon controls miniaturized instruments mounted to the four arms of the da Vinci robot. The surgeon sits at a console in the operating room where he controls the robotic instruments while looking through a stereoscopic high-definition 3-D monitor. Every movement made on the master control is replicated precisely by the robot. Robotic surgery has been shown to reduce post-operative pain, accelerate recovery, minimize hospital stay, and improve overall outcomes. With cancer care, where additional therapies such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy may be required, they can often be started sooner, giving patients an expedited recovery.

Whenever appropriate, Dr. Llaguna utilizes the da Vinci robot to facilitate a safe and speedy recovery; however, minimally invasive surgery isn’t appropriate for all patients or medical conditions. At the time of consultation, he will discuss the medical condition and procedure, including the possibility of utilizing a minimally invasive approach with the patient in detail.